With my doubles partner Aldila Sutjiadi from Indonesia.

Another doubles title and my third doubles title this year with Dila. It was a very good week for me making it to the semi-finals in the singles and winning the doubles.

Singapore weather currently has been around 32 degrees celsius everyday ( sometimes hotter ) and has been 90 % humidity. Was a very physical week for me having to play two matches a day in the heat and I am someone that sweats a lot while I am playing tennis. I was changing outfits after sets, changing shoes because they had puddles in them and also switching grips and racquets constantly because I was perspiring so much on the court. This definitely makes it tough when you have to play back to back matches and getting good rest and recovery is key so you can perform the next day.

I was super lucky to have a washing machine that I could do my laundry everyday because even with all the luggage I travel with, I was using more clothes than expected these past two weeks haha. Next week Hong Kong.