A tough but VERY HOT two weeks in Perth, as well as very lucky that Johny G could travel with me for this trip.ย Although you can’t see from my results it really does make a huge difference having someone travelling with you. He probably thought he was bad luck because I didn’t win my singles with him there, however, mentally it was helpful and constructive having him with me. Especially with the little things… I had two tough first round losses both weeks in singles, however, was able to reach my first final of the year in doubles with my partner Abigail Tere-Apsiah in the second week. Apart from the average results on the tennis court I was also able to catch up with my cousins and uncle who live in Perth and I really enjoyed having the support for the week. I also enjoyed the sun and was able to get a good tan, which was one of the few positives for the two weeks I was there. I’m feeling like Australia is bad luck with all my losses here hahhaha next stop South Africa!!!! Bring on some good results