Christmas was a bit different this year, however the family thought getting away would be good for us all. I had the best Christmas in Te Anau and my boyfriend Carlos who is from Spain also came over for the xmas break and it was so much fun having him with us. I played an exhibition match down in Te Anau (which is mainly the reason why the family and I decided to godown for christmas) on the 29th of December after a few days of being a tourist. It was actually really cool because the whole day we would do some sightseeing and at 9pm at night I would train with Carlos because it doesn’t get dark until 11pm down in the south island. My brothers would come along as well and we played some doubles at the end to see who had to do the dishes when we got home haha. I’d say it was the best training possible before my match. The exhibition match was also a lot of fun and I played my friend Valentina Ivanov. It was awesome playing another match and getting the win. I finally felt very confident and happy with my tennis level after a tough year. What a fun few days away!!!